Building Retrofit

We have a prepared staff ready to offer its support for all building retrofit and restoration needs of our customers.
The experience acquired allows us to assess our customer, through specific advisory starting from the preliminary administration procedures (obtainment of administration permits), through the design process of all the necessary services the customer may need.

Building retrofit and restoration assessment services:


  • Request for administrative permits issue
  • Architectural design
  • Building systems design
  • Feasibility study and cost and benefit analysis
  • Construction management
  • Material purchase support


What is meant with “building retrofit”?

Building retrofit measures are a complete review of an entire existing building, modifying its form, skyline, volume, area and intended use. The features of a building retrofit are “measures aimed at transforming a building through a systematic set of works that can lead to a building entirely or partly different from the last” as cited in the Italian regulatory body of standards.
Sometimes the term is used in a not proper manner. For example, when small works are done at home retrofit is not the adequate term, using instead ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.


What are retrofit measures?

Retrofit measures aim at the recovery, conservation and valorization of historical buildings, which have a special architectural and environmental value. Different types of materials and technologies may be applied for these measures, provided that they do not ruin the original features of the building.