Class A Buildings

We realize energy class A buildings in compliance with article 9 of the European directive 31/2010: “near zero energy buildings (NZEB)”, which states that by the 31st of December 2020 all European members states must ensure that “all new buildings owned by public companies will be NZEB”.

We apply design techniques and solutions that guarantee new generation buildings, able to perform highly on energy efficiency and with high quality housing standards.

Class A buildings, in addition to ensuring low energy consumption, are environmentally sustainable buildings:

•    Energy and economic savings for the family: by saving up to 70% of energy costs.
•    Respect for the environment: by minimizing pollutant emissions and eliminating extra waste.
•    Conservation of the value of the building in time compared to buildings built with older techniques and technologies.
•    Comfort
•    Takes into consideration the needs of the building’s users
•    Added value concerning the building’s winter-summer performances 



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