Dynamic Building Energy Simulation

Polistudio counts on skilled staff specialized in dynamic state building energy simulations. This instrument allows the project to reach a higher degree of precision and details when assessing building energy and comfort performances.

The innovative aspect of the dynamic energy simulation is in the possibility of anticipating the response of the building envelope and its HVAC systems to external factors. In which way? Thanks to a software that implements a complex mathematical model of the building that simulates the real physical dynamics and produces a series of output data on the building’s energy and comfort performances in time.


EneryPlus is an open-source program developed by the US Department of Energy (DOE) with the cooperation of major worldwide universities. The software allows to implement dynamic state energy simulations for buildings and is considered a highly effective and reliable tool. Being an open-source software it is continuously improved by its users.

For more information: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/energyplus/

Software performance

The software allows for a 360° assessment on building performance by monitoring comfort and energy use parameters through user-set time intervals. It simulates with great precision the real building energy performance and allows for a better evaluation of the design decisions, guiding engineers and architects to better decision making. Each design choice (orientation, shading, building systems, insulation) is objectively evaluated through the software’s output.