Energy Audit

Taking conscious decisions is the first step towards saving and optimizing a company’s or a household’s costs. The energy audit service we offer has this precise goal: to put our customers in the right position to know how and how much they are paying, proposing solutions to improve the efficiency of their home or company and certifying the results.

Our approach to energy audits is shown in the following diagram:

The energy audit is basically divided into different phases:

  • Data collection (blue): we start by collecting the data through surveys conducted on site with company personnel, in order to understand the state the building is in terms of building envelope and systems. During this phase we also collect historical energy consumption data based on the energy supply bills and design plans and documents.
  • Data analysis and proposals (orange): once the data has been collected we proceed with the critical analysis and the energy model simulation for the building and its systems. We organize the model in different functional areas and cost centers . Once this is done, we proceed to the energy optimization measures, the “heart of the audit” and asses the costs, benefits and economic impact of each measure.
  • Realization of the energy efficiency proposals (green): once the customer has analyzed the proposals and has chosen which ones will be implemented we proceed with the designs for the projects. In this context is it fundamental to monitor and measure the energy consumption before and after the measures have been implemented.

This approached is defined “circular” because di bottom line idea is that this process be implemented in a “continuous improvement” kind of policy.
The energy audits are developed in compliance to the European standard EN 16247.

All proposed energy efficiency measures are analyzed using the LCCA method (life cycle cost analysis) in order to take into consideration all the cost factors during the course of the proposal’s lifetime.

We believe that the collection and monitoring of the real consumption data is a fundamental instrument to implement precise simulations and easily point out large inefficiencies: for this reason we promote to our customers the installation of energy metering systems.