Integrated Services

Design complexity requires a systematic and integrated approach right from the start. The architectural aspect, the structural needs, the environmental and energy efficiency issues, the fire safety requirements, the control of time and costs of the building phases need to reach a balance through a synergic approach.

Our company has always been structured to respond to all these needs, through a staff of specialists and management figures, to offer an integrated design.

We offer the following services:

• Project Management and Project Coordination
• Construction Management

The result of a project depends essentially on the method of management: the more accurate the process of planning, organizing and controlling time, cost and resources is, the more easier it is to confidently pursue a result that meets the needs of the client.

During the process all applied efforts are coordinated with the same goal, which is the clear and complete definition of what is to be realized. In the design phase we dictate the timing, check that the operating steps are correctly completed and that the flow of information is done in a a fast, clear and rational manner.


•    Planning and control of time and investment costs.
•    Advisory and technical assistance for tenders.
•    Integration of other specialist services (systems design, fire design, structures, geological).