10 Jan

top 50 architecture studies in Italy: Polistudio in the ranking


Also this year  the newspaper "Il Sole 24Ore" has released the long-awaited ranking of the main architecture firms in Italy compiled by prof. Aldo Norsa of Guamarì.

The ranking is based on the 2016 financial statements and sees a change in the summit, no longer Renzo Piano Building Workshop, but the Studio One Works, by Leonardo Cavalli and Giulio De Carli, with a turnover of 20.8 million euro.

In the rankings, it emerges that growth has mainly been the biggest studies thanks to the activity abroad.

In the Emilia Romagna Region, only 4 studies are present in the first 50: Mario Cucinella Architects, Open Project, Polistudio AES and Iosa Ghini Associati.

Polistudio A.E.S. it is at 31th place, it has gained two positions compared to the previous year and we hope to rise further in the ranking. In fact, after a long period of contraction of the real estate market, we are faced with important growth prospects, not only with regard to turnover, but, in general, with reference to the orders acquired.

Thanks to a qualified presence of the study in Italy, consolidating important collaborations with prestigious clients, effectively integrating different specialized skills, aiming to involve young designers in the study team, we are now in a position to look confident in the future, confirmed in the road undertaken and aware of the need to never give up.


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1. One Works

2. Renzo Piano Building Workshop

3. Lombardini22

4. Cremonesi Workshop

5. Pininfarina Extra

6. Gpa

7. Hydea

8. Citterio ­Viel & Partners

9. Citterio ­Viel & Partners Interiors

10. Studio Urquiola

11. David Chipperfield Architects

12. General Planning

13. Progetto Cmr

14. Matteo Thun & Partners

15. Archea Associati

16. Starching

17. Design Group Italia

18. Mario Cucinella Architects

19. Lissoni Architettura

20. Open Project

21. Architetto Michele De Lucchi

22. 5+1 AA

23. Zuccon International Project

24. Tekne

25. Hangar Design Group

26. Lissoni Associati

27. Piuarch

28. Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas Design

29. Chapman Taylor Architetti

30. Aegis Cantarelli & Partners

31. Polistudio Aes

32. Fuksas Architecture

33. Land Italia

34. Genius Loci Architettura

35. Iosa Ghini Associati

36. Destudio

37. Archest

38. J+S

39. Fortebis

40. Schiattarella Associati

41. Abdr Architetti Associati

42. Alberto Izzo & Partners

43. Studio Marco Piva

44. Goring & Straja Studio

45. Beretta Associati

46. Asa Albanese

47. Francesco Paszkowski Design

48. Carlo Ratti Associati

49. Officina Italiana Design

50. Dordoni Architetti


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