Al Hamala Dream - Bahrain

Project: Project for an office block in the Seef district administrative center in Bahrain.

Period: 2015



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Description: Al Hamala Dream is a project for a directional tower located northeast of Bahrain, in the district of Seef, designed in close collaboration with Studio Plus Teco Bologna.

The area of Seef hosts mostly office buildings with a certain vertical thrust and a good density. In this urban area joins the office tower.

Commissioned by an institution of charity, as a project for their own seat, the tower would like to suggest three fundamental aspects:


  1. The building has a facade with a triangular weave, trying to break the stereotype of the typical shape of window or curtain wall, thus giving a dynamic look, as of a woven fabric.
  2. The stained glass, interspersed with solid panels, can donate effects of light that brighten up the atmosphere.
  3. The green lodges in double or triple height allow to have a "green" scenario in a context mostly desert. The plants, with their foliage can also help to shade and to develop an iconic concept of the whole building.


The features inside include a double height entrance hall, four floors above ground parking, a leisure plan for employees (comprising gym, saunas, swimming pools and a racing track placed outdoors) and ten floors of offices.



Category Place Year
Architecture / Urban Design / Bahrain 2015

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