New Building for the Ferrari Maranello Sport Center Management - Maranello (MO)

Client: HL-PP Ingenieure International - Munchen.

Description: Executive planning of mechanical, industrial, electrical and special feature installations of the New Ferrari Sport Management Center Maranello (MO).

Period: 2012-2013

Performance: Design of electical and mechanical systems

The new Ferrari Gestione Sportiva building is conceived to incarnate the values of a company world renowed for the high quality of its products and for its distinguishable style. The building will host the workshops, technical offices and administrative offices and will exemplify excellence in terms of style, functionality and efficiency. 

The Gestione Sportiva premises will host design activities, development and assembly of Formula 1 race cars and will be comprised of five fundamental departments: Quality, Gearbox assembly, Engine assembly, Vehicle assembly and Electronics.  To these, other departments will be added: General deposit, box preparation, washing areas, remote garage, KERS, FIA test bench, PIT stop area and Systems.

In the production areas, all components that constitute the chassis and all mechanical parts of the vehicle will be controlled and reviewed and assembled right up to the final stages.

Category Place Year
Plants and Sustainability / Engineering / Sustainability / Maranello (MO) - Italia 2012

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