Riccione Seaside Promenade and Underground Parking

Customer: Lungomare Parking s.r.l. and Lungomare Sud Parking Gest s.r.l.
Project: Urban redevelopment of the beach front “Lungomare della Libertà e della Repubblica” and adjacent underground parkings. Executive Design and Supervision of Architectural and structural works, plant engineering and fire-fighting systems.
Period: 2005-2010


  • Architectural Co-design Studio Matteoni
  • MEP Project (Second excerpt) Studio Thesis Riccione

A brandly new waterfront for Riccione which represents the first of three important works that will change the shape of the sea front in the famous, touristic city of Romagna. The first step concerns 450 m of water, green, light, shadow and sounds and is the first kind of work assigned to fix the general impression and the complessive style of all the new Riccione sea Promenade. It has been realized in project financing and has made a synthesis of the riccionese touristic offer: sea. Relax, sports, meetings and a lot of fun!

This project starts from the desire to eliminate the traffic and the car dwell along the promenade and to return to a sea-touristic town the full enjoyment of its promenade. There are 364 car stalls underground therefore pedestrians can enjoy the upper area without any traffic and with several fountains on sea theme, palms, gazebos, dwell squares with benches and a lot of green. The main idea of the project was to create a promenade with a strong unity of image but not monotonic therefore there were set in several situations with different functions and solutions. Starting from the harbor up to Ceccarini Avenue there are 5 dwell squares along the promenade.

The first is the BOAT square: series of benches of white Carrara marble and wood give the idea of a hull shape, while a fountain at the top of the “prow” creates the movement of crossing the waves.

Then there is the SUN square: a big sun with marble inlays on the floor surrounded by 4 fountains which gives the idea of a stylized skate hull.

The third is the PALMS square: one of the places where there are a few specimens of exotic plants.

The SHADOW square is characterized by a gazebo with benches and small tables.

The last one is the WATER square, where small water-falls and fountains talk together to comfortable seats and luxuriant flower beds.

The project is complicated by the realization of a bikeway  that runs in parallel with the pedestrian walk and enriches the Sea Promenade with a further important possibility. The extension of the first half is 460 m for about 12000 sq-m of urban furnishing.

The second half, Sea Promenade of the Republic, is about 900 m long for an extension of about 22500 sq-m and has been realized between September 2008 and May 2010. Of the 625 underground car stalls realized, 202 are free, 22 have been given to the Town Council administration and the 40% left are for hotel and private people.

From a structural point of view, this second half continues the lines and the formal choices of the first one, but with a more relaxed style: there are no squares but more green areas with a few shadow structures where the nearby restaurants give table services for guests. The floor materials are made of quartz-arenite with a warm light ocher colour and insertions of Trani marble, while the curbstones and the monuments are made of white Carrara marble. Furthermore, in this second half there have been realized floors with modern staves that go straightly into the green areas.


Category Place Year
Urban Design / Architecture / Riccione (RN) - Italy 2005

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