Fire Safety Engineering

Polistudio has a dedicated Fire Safety design team, specialized in the assessment and advisory of all companies liable to control by the State Fire Department in the entire technical and authorization process. From fire protection design to the management of all authorization procedures, through the goal of employing tailor made technical solutions.

Our services are divided into the following phases:

•    Technical surveys with the goal of evaluating the fire hazard risk;
•    Identification of critical fire hazard activities, of further risk centers and of the most exposed areas;
•    Preparation and issue of the fire protection documentation in compliance to the current fire safety laws and standards;
•    Drafting of the fire safety designs for the evaluation from the Fire Department Office 
•    All authorization practice processes for the obtainment of the necessary permits from the Fire Department Office.

Where it is not possible to apply the entire technical standard required documentation, our engineers are able to apply engineering principles of Fire Safety (Fire Safety Engineering) which, through the modeling of fire scenarios, through use of advanced and specialized software (FDS-Fire Dynamics Simulator NIST), allowing for the identification of equivalent safety measures.